Bird spikes in stock – Departure within 24 hours

The new season is starting at Alphatex… And we are ready. Faced with a growing demand, we worker all winter on our production lines and we can now offer you many references in stock to get you started your construction sites. Find below the models available for departure within 24 hours.

Bird spikes in stock

To answer your requests, Alphatex has put in its stocks many references of bird spikes. Thanks to that action, you can ask for the references below and benefit from a departure within 24 hours.

Alphapic 80/20

The Alphapics 80/20 repel a wide range of birds. It prevents birds living near the sea (such as seagulls) from going on your house or appartment. You can install it on large cornices, peripheral of roof terrace, gutters…

Protection : 15 to 20 cm

Alphapic 64/15

The Alphapics 64/15 offer a great protection for headband under 15 cm ans cornices. Thanks to its wide honeycomb sole, those spikes are very easy to glue on a flat surface. They can also be installed on gutters.

Protection : 10 to 14 cm

Alphapic 64/10

The Alphapics 64/10 are perfect to be put on headband, cornices and window support. Thanks to its clips, it can easily be installed on gutters. Made in Europe.

Protection : 7 to 10 cm

Easy Spike 64/15

Thanks to its thin and flexible sole, the Easy Spikes 64/15 can be put on every gutters and flat surfaces. Nestables spikes up to 10 meters and boxes are less bulky.

Protection : 10 to 14 cm

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