Heat shrink training course

We offer 2 training courses with a professional of the application of heat-shrinkable film :

  • Personalized training according to your profession, Qualiopy approved
  • On site assistance to accompany you on your construction sites

Training Set up a heat-shrinkable film for packaging / wintering

Training Set up a heat-shrinkable film on scaffolding

We offer several training formulas according to your needs with professionals in heat-shrinkable film containment who are still professionally active.
The trainings are divided in two lines :

  • Theoritical approach (Characteristics – Manufacturing – Standards and classifications)
  • Practical approach (Cutting, Fixing and Welding of the Film, tension, installation of film in tiles, installation of Zips and Windows…)

On site assistance

Our trainers offer on site assistance and share their experience with you. This service is recommended when :

  • You have just been trained and you are tackling your first site, our trainer will support your teams and help you prepare the needs of the site.
  • You are facing a technically exceptional project (and you feel that your teams do not have sufficient knowledge); the trainer will come to help you on site preparation and in the field with your teams.