Specialist in horticulture and market garden netting, Alphatex offers a wide range of climate protection products, anti-insect protection…

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Le filet d'ombrage pour lutter contre la sécheresse dans les maraîchers

Is shade netting the solution to fight against drought?


Nathanaël Jacquart, a market gardener in Puy-de-Dôme, had no choice but to adapt to the drought. Abandonment of growing certain vegetables and reducing the cultivated area: these are the consequences of the drop in rainfall …

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BIOTIS 450, le filet anti-insectes contre la petite altise des crucifères

Stop the crucifer flea beetle (Phyllotreta) with the BIOTIS 450 anti-insect netting


Alphatex is launching the BIOTIS 450 anti-insect netting. Specifically designed against the small crucifer flea beetle PHYLLOTRETA, an insect around 0.5mm. Because of its voracious appetite, it ravages turnip, radish and cabbage crops.  BIOTIS 450 …

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Need large-scale nets? Alphatex is there for you

Professionals in horticulture and vegetable growing increasingly need large nets, which are quicker and more practical to attach to their …

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Pose et conseils sur le filet climatique d'Alphatex : ClimaTex


In this video, find out why CLIMATEX netting, manufactured by Alphatex, is the climatic net you need. Indeed, our climate …

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Alphatex will be in Ukraine for the AgroSpring 2022

Alphatex will be in Ukraine for the 2022 AgroSpring trade fair

From February 15 to the 17, Alphatex will be in Ukraine to participate to the 2022 AgroSpring trade fair. An …

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BIOTIS 450 - The new insect net made by Alphatex

NEW – BIOTIS 450, the innovative insect netting

The Biotis 450 is an innovative insect net dedicated to vegetables growing and, to a lesser extent, to horticulture and …

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Which insects are stopped by the BIOTIS 450 ?

Which insects are stopped by the insect net BIOTIS 450 ?

The BIOTIS 450 is the new anti-insect net made by Alphatex. Thanks to its small meshes of 435µ x 670µ, …

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