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Biotex 800 insect net

Which insects are stopped by the Biotex 800 ?

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Alphatex offers a wide range of solutions to protect crops from insects. In this article, …

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Insect net to protect mango trees against fruit flies

Towards a solution to protect endangered mangoes productions in Réunion ?

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ALPHATEX, in collaboration with the company HORTIBEL, is currently working to find a solution in …

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Insect net against drosophila

Which insects are stopped by the Drosotis 8/6 ? For DROSOPHILA

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Alphatex offers a lot of solutions to protect crops against pests. In this article, you …

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Our specialist expertise


We have our own machines making our products and in parallel we work with supplying partners that we have trained to manufacture according to our technical criterias.
We support their development by investing in their production tools and equipment. This is made possible by our continuous interaction with the factories.

A permanent stock

We have the largest stock of nets in Europe with 3000 tons, i.e. 60 millions m² of finished and/or semi-finished products.


Each trade corresponds to several types of nets (mesh, micro-mesh), with specific thread diameters, weights, dimensions, colors and finishes. As a manufacturer, we can offer you complete expertise in terms of material or manufacturing in order to be both as competitive as possible and as suited to your markets.


Our confection department allows us to respond quickly to requests for custom made nets.