Fighting against heatwave : shade nets on ornamental crops

During the summer 2022, l’ASTREDHOR 49 has realised trials to protect ornamental crops from heatwave. High heats has a very harmful effect on these plants and it is absolutely essential to find viable solutions for the future. That is why Alphatex has supplied several models of shade nets, to take part, in our own way, in advancing research to combat the consequences of global warming.

Results of shade net trials on ornamental plants

In the video below, you can see the results of these trials carried out during the high heats periods of 2022.

Climate outcomes 

To summarise, this video produced by the Regional Horticultural Office looks back at:

  • The ultimate goal is to find solutions to reduce temperatures during heat waves.
  • In this series of tests, the shade mulch are placed directly on the plants. It is an emergency solution when a heat wave arrives for specific cases (no arches, plants that are too big, etc.).
  • The following constraints: inexpensive methods, easy to use and set up and adaptable to all installations.

For these experiments, several test ranks were studied, with the corresponding results :

  • No mulch on the control row : the temperatures recorded were mainly between 35°C and 45°C (with a peak at 50°C)
  • A first green shade net : it barely reduces the temperature inside.
  • A black shade net : the black color retains the temperature.
  • A white shade net 30% Alphatex (Alphaombre 30): significant drop of about 10 °C under the net during temperature peaks.
  • A green shade net 30% Alphatex (Alphavent 55 shade): decrease of about 10 °C during peaks.
  • A doubled white shade net with a shading rate of 60% (Alphaombre 30 doubled): this is the net with the biggest drop, up to 15°C lower than on the control row.

Other observations

Among the nets supplied by Alphatex, which have achieved the best results in terms of reducing the temperature on the foliage, others effects have been observed :

  • Under the Alphaombre 30 (single and doubled), the testers have noticed that there was a lot of powdery mildew on the plants. The construction of the net creates a micro-climate underneath, because it does not allow enough air to pass through by being placed directly on the crop.
  • The best compromise between temperature reduction and the absence of disease is the Alphavent 55. This net allows the plants to grow and look equivalent to the test row.

For several years, the climatic hazards have been a real challenge for ornamental crops professionals. Alphatex is proud to take part in trials to combat high heat and heatwaves. For more information about our products, and to receive personalized advices to protect your farms, contact us !