NEW – BIOTIS 450, the innovative insect netting

The Biotis 450 is an innovative insect net dedicated to vegetables growing and, to a lesser extent, to horticulture and plants nursery. Its use prevent and reduce the use of pesticides without increasing the risks of diseases (thanks to its optimal ventilation). It also gives an answer to reduce the use of short cycle plastics. Indeed, the BIOTIS 450 can be used up to 3 or 4 seasons, while similar products are only usable for 1 season. And, most of all, it is a very efficient physical barrier, which stops a wide range of insects.

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Description of the BIOTIS 450

BIOTIS 450 is an innovative insect netting made for vegetables crops. Its small meshes of 435µ x 670µ prevent many insects from reaching and damaging crops.

The main applications of the insect net BIOTIS 450 are turnips, radishes, cabbages, young plants and every vegetables that are sensitive to the small flea beetle Phyllotreta. Aphids can be stopped to, including the smallest ones, such as Aphis goddypii.

Technical information

It is a HDPE (high density polyethylene) flat woven net. Its technical characteristics are :

  • Material : 100% HDPE (high density polyethylene)
  • Weight : 45-48 g/m² depending on lateral reinforcements
  • Meshes : 435µ x 670µ
  • Colour : Crystal
  • UV treatment : 320 kly (3 to 4 seasons depending on the use and amount of sunshines)
  • Water permeability : 96% flat, 86% on hoops
  • Air permeability : 15% windbreak effect

Small insects are stopped

BIOTIS 450 stops small insects, such as the small flea beetle (0.48mm).

In addition, successful trials were made by the ASTREDHOR in 2020. It proved that this net was a great protection against the aphid Myzus persicae and the flea beetle Phyllotreta.

To know which insects are stopped by the BIOTIS 450, you can check this table.

A great lifespan

The main advantage of the BIOTIS 450 is its life expectancy. It is estimated to 3-4 years. While similar products have a lifespan of one season.

Moreover, this net has a great mechanical strength. And fabricated with HDPE, it is therefore rotproof.

Estimated lifespan of the BIOTIS 450

A light net

Its low weight (less than 50 g/m²) allows producers to put the net directly on crops. Vegetables will easily lift the net while growing.

And thanks to the caracteristics of the HDPE (the material used to make the BIOTIS 450), this net is totally water repellent. Which means that the net does not become heavier when it rains. In opposition of net made with PP or PA, under the rain, their weight can be multiply by 7!

Environmental friendly

Putting an insect netting on crops allows producers to reduce their use of phytosanitary products and pesticides. Which is an ecological decision.

Moreover, the BIOTIS 450 also decrease the use of short cycle plastics. Why? Thanks to its greater life expectancy! Producers don’t have to change their insect net every year anymore.

Does not increase risks of diseases

Thanks to its high permeability to wind and rain, using the BIOTIS 450 does not insrease the risks of cryptogamic diseases.

Therefore, the use of this net does not mean that the producer has to increase the utilization of phytopharmaceutical product against diseases.

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