Which insects are stopped by the insect net BIOTIS 450 ?

The BIOTIS 450 is the new anti-insect net made by Alphatex. Thanks to its small meshes of 435µ x 670µ, it can stop a wide range of insects, especially very small insects which won’t be able to go through. Here is a table that summarize for which insects the BIOTIS 450 was made.

BIOTIS 450 – The list of insects that are stopped by this net

ColéoptèresFlea beetle Phyllotreta0.48 mm
Rapeseed flea beetle0.65 mm
HomoptèresShallot aphid0.6 mm
Cabbage aphid0.6 mm
Carrot aphid0.6 mm
Potato aphid1.5 mm
HémiptèresWhite fly0.5 mm
DiptèresCarrot miner fly2 mm
Cabbage fly6 mm

BIOTIS 450 – An innovative insect netting

The BIOTIS 450 is an insect netting with innovative features. Its lifespan is estimated to 3 or 4 seasons, while similar nets on the market can be used for only one season. And this net has many more advantages that will convince producers to use it. This net will give them a full satisfaction. To be sure about that, you can ask for a sample, we will gladly send it to you :