Need large-scale nets? Alphatex is there for you

Professionals in horticulture and vegetable growing increasingly need large nets, which are quicker and more practical to attach to their large farms. But, shade nets, windbreak nets and anti-insect nets do generally not exceed more than 3 to 5 meters wide… That’s why Alphatex now offers you to realize nets in all sizes for horticulture and vegetable growing.

Manufacter of large-scale nets for vegetable growing and horticulture

Large-scale nets : what we offer

Large dimensions – Tell us about your project

Our sales department consider all your netting requirements, even over 16 meters wide. Do you need a 20-meters wide BIOTEX 800 anti-insect net? We can sew several of our nets together until reach the desired size! However, please note that we cannot make every conceivable width. So to know if your project is feasible: contact us !

Made-to-measure nets designed to order

We can consider all your requests concerning the products below :

  • Shade netting: tapes, monofilament for tunnels, greenhouses, etc.
  • Pest control netting : CLIMATEX, BIOTIS 450, BIOTEX 500 and 800, DROSOTIS 8/6, etc. These models are adapted to be sewn together to cover large plots of land (on greenhouses and arches).
  • Windbreak netting : all our models offer 20% to 65% filtration.

Customised finishes according to your needs

You can choose the assembly and packaging according to your needs, or those of your customers.

Our 2 types of assembly, the first is more economical, and the second is more aesthetic :

Overlock sewing

This type of seam is ideal for an agricultural use. This first option is more economical, but also less attractive (the seam is visible and forms a “bulge”).

Filet grande taille avec couture type surjet

Flat seam

More attractive, this second option takes longer to make. In fact, the seam is perfectly flat and can only be seen up close. It’s ideal for flower parks, zoos, …

Couture à plat sur filet de grande taille d'Alphatex

Then you can choose between 2 types of packaging for your nets. Please note that both are available at the same price :


This option is ideal if the net is to be laid directly on a field, for example. You receive the net folded, and all you have to do is unfold it on the plot you want to cover. In this case, the addition of a chuck is not necessary.

Wrapped around a chuck

This packaging is very practical: the chuck allows you to unroll the net as you go along. In this case, you can cut layers gradually and sell the entire roll to different customers.

What distinguish us from others manufacturers

We are one of the few French companies to offer made-to-measure nets in large dimensions. Above all, we are the only one to offer so much customisation.

Considerable resources

Alphatex has a solid team of seamstresses and dressmakers, working in workshops large enough to make all our made-to-measure nets.

Fast and clear estimates

By sending us your request, you will receive a personalised estimate within a day. Do you need a 16 meters shade netting? We can offer you 4 meters widths of 4 meters sewn together. Whatever your problematic, we will adapt ourselves quickly and flexibly.

Numerous references

We are the only company to offer you so many sewn references. Color, weight, percentage of broken wind or light blocked… Our wide range of nets offer interesting possibilities. Do your customers need to be able to get into their greenhouse without taking down their anti-insect netting? We can make our nets with zipped doors, for example.

Do you need an estimate for large-scale made-to-measure netting?

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team: we will be delighted to get back to you as soon as possible.

Examples of large-scale nets achievement

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