Bird nettings, spikes and accessories – Alphatex offers a wide range of Pest Control products

Alphatex supplies nettings, spikes and anti-bird accessories for distributors. Thanks to our wide range of Pest Control products, you have the opportunity to centralize most of your purchases with only one supplier. Alphatex always has the purpose to offer the best quality to its customers. For a better understanding of what Alphatex can offer, here is a summary of our anti-bird solutions.

Alphatex pest control products -bied nets, spikes and accessories

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Bird netting

Made of virgin HDPE, our nets are made with machines of big capacity in order to avoid as much as possible the nodes of junction, for aesthetics sake.

Our meshs are square and perfectly regular in both directions. About the UV treatment, all our nets are UV treated for 320 kLY, giving to our products a strong resistance over time.

Our wide range of anti-bird netting meets all the problems that your customers may encounter. Different mesh sizes are available to best meet your customers’ needs, depending on the species of birds that they want to repel.

Filet anti-pigeons posé sur un monument

Thanks to our skills, our anti-bird nets can also be made to measure.

Bird netting against sparrow

To prevent sparrows from going through the net, our advice is to get a bird net with 19mm mesh.

Bird netting against starlings

The anti-bird net with 28mm mesh is the best solution to stop starlings.

Bird netting against pigeons

In cities, pigeon is the most common kind of bird that you can meet. Therefore, they are responsible of a lot of degradation in houses or on working sites. That is why your customers should get an anti-bird net, in order to prevent them from going where they are not supposed to.

To stop pigeons, our recommandation is to use a net with 50mm mesh. Therefore, they won’t be able to go through the net.

Netting against big birds

The bird net with a 75mm mesh has been especially made for the protection against big birds.

Bird spikes

Alphatex offers two kinds of bird spikes. You have to take a look at the sole to spot the main difference. The first one, the Alphapic, has a wide honeycomb sole. The second one, the Easy Spikes, has a flexible and thin sole.


You can find nine kinds of Alphapics in our catalog, from Alphapics 48/10 to 80/20. What’s the difference between them ? The first number shows how many spikes per linear metre there are. For exemple, regarding the Alphapics 48/10, there are 48 spikes per linear metre. The number “10” shows the protection width, which is 10 cm in our example.

The same logic is used for our Easy Spikes, that you will see later in this article.

Various models of Alphapics are available. From 48/5 to 80/20, each product has a different application that you can find in each description.

Easy spikes

Like the Alphapics, the main differences between each Easy Spikes are the amount of spikes per linear meter and the width protection. Its thin and flexible sole makes the installation easier in certains cases.

Other Easy Spikes are available in the Anti-pigeon spikes and clips category.

Shutters, combs and sheet barrier

Alphatex also offers many more accessories for Pest Control. For example, there are gutter guards, anti-sparrows combs or roof space protections.

  • The closoir prevent birds from coming inside your house by going under the roof. It also maintains ventilation.
  • The “Roof Space Protect” protect the space under the roof tiles.
  • The Gutter guards is a zync and copper grid, it prevents debris from accumulating in the gutters, so they don’t get clogged.
  • The Obturaclip is available in polycarbonate and galvanized steel, allowing to close pigeons’ access under the roofing.
  • The anti-sparrows combs are placed as support for the last row of tiles at the bottom of the roof to ensure ventilation through the roof gutter and to also block birds passage.

Alphatex has been specialized in the production of bird netting, spikes and accessories for more than 25 years. We’ll gladly answer to every requests if you contact us. To get news and special offers from Alphatex, you can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.