EDITIS – Scaffolding net for industrial painting, debris and drain cleaning

EdiTis, a great quality net for works on scaffolding

Manufacturing scaffolding net is the historical activity of Alphatex. For more than 25 years, we have designed, innovated and created high quality nets to satisfy our partners. All this while keeping a competitive price. The Editis is a multipurpose scaffolding net made for a wide variety of works. Thanks to this product, you are able to do industrial painting, debris and drain cleaning, and hydrogumming. If you are interested by this net, and want to know the price, you can :

EDITIS – Net for works with scaffolding

What is the Editis ?

The Editis is a scaffolding net made with monofilaments (round filaments) and tapes (flat filaments). Woven robustness and mechanical resistance are increased by reinforced strips in the width and the length every 50 cm.

Moreover, it has a very high level of windbreack. It protects works and workers from the bad weather on the scaffolding. It also protects from UV rays, with a light occultation of 75 %.

Finally, concerning the fastening, multi-wire passers are placed every 50 cm on the perimeter and indoors on reinforcing strips on both sides of the irreversible canvas.

The Editis is also available with a fire retardant treatment. It makes the net non-flammable. It is certified M1 (French standard), B1 (German standard) and Euroclass (European Union standard).

3 applications for this scaffolding net

Industrial painting

Thanks to its tight meshes, Editis is perfectly suited for large industrial treatment painting works (water towers, silos, tubs and tanks).

Debris and drain cleaning protection

Perfect to be used for debris and drain cleaning protection. For example, for historical monuments facade restauration works.

UV protection

For facade works that require UV protection. Such as graphite type coating or external thermal insulation.

The scaffold net Editis is the ideal solution for construction professionals that work on scaffolding. Thanks to this net, water and dust will not spill onto the public street. Therefore, it prevents projections from paint, hydrogumming or other works from going through the net. If you do not want to miss Alphatex’s news and special offers, you can follow our LinkedIn page dedicated to the construction sector. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.

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