Which insects are stopped by the Biotex 800 ?

Alphatex offers a wide range of solutions to protect crops from insects. In this article, you are going to find a summary of insects which are stopped by the Biotex 800 insect netting. Tables below are divided by species, to know easily if this net could solve your customers issues.

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Biotex 800 – Insects netting for fields

The Biotex 800 is a 40 g/m2 netting in PEHD with 800×100µ meshes which garuantee a great protection against pests. It stops flies, butterflies, locusts, wasps, etc. It can be used on all vegetable, ornamental and fruit crops.

Also, it limits the impact of wind, hail and surface sealing. Its good ventilation reduces fungal attacks.

Below, you’ll find the list of insects which won’t be able to reach your crops thanks to the Biotex 800.


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Onion beetleCrioceris merdigera6mm
Lily beetleCrioceris lilii7mm
Onion weevilBrachycerus undatus10mm
Garlic weevilBrachycerys algirus8mm


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Onion flyDelia (Phorbia) antiqua10mm
Carrot flyPsila rosae7mm
Carrot miner flyNapomyza carotae2mm
Cabbage flyDelia radicum6mm
Seedcorn maggotDelia platura3mm
Spotted wing drosophiliaDrosophila Suzukii3mm


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Garden dartEuxia nigricans20mm
Black cutwormAgrotis ipsilon15mm
Turnip mothAgrotis segetum25mm
Leek mothAcrolepiopsos assectella12mm
Cabbage butterflyPieris brassicae25mm
Cabbage mothMamestra brassicae20mm
Diamondback mothPlutella xylostella6mm
Codling mothCydia Pomonella18mm


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Aster leafhopperMacrosteles fascifrons3mm
Tarnished plant bugLygus lineolaris6mm

Insects which are not stopped

However, there are some species of insects that can go through Biotex 800’s meshes :

  • Red spider mites
  • Whitefly
  • Flea beetles
  • Aphids
  • Thrips

The insect netting Biotex 800 is a great tool to protect vegetables from pest. It can be use for crops such as onion, shallot, leek, garlic, carrots, celery, fennel, cabbage, turnip and, in some cases, it could be used for arboriculture.

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