Which insects are stopped by the Drosotis 8/6 ? For DROSOPHILA

Alphatex offers a lot of solutions to protect crops against pests. In this article, you will find a summary of insects which are stopped by the insect nettings Drosotis 8/6. You can find the list in the tables below, these are segmented according to the categories of insects.

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Drosotis 8/6 : Insect nets to fight against drosophila, for structures

These nets are used to protect vegetable cultivation against pests. Netting is a physical barrier. The netting mesh was studied to provide a balance between effectiveness and ventilation / water permeability.

The netting is generally placed over the crops during seeding or planting, or just bedore a properly identified at-risk period. However, a physical barrier does not guarentee 100 % protection against pests, particularly during years with high infestations.

Our netting manufacturer’s guide cannot replace the experience of a crop, tree or plant professional, and they will adapt and compare the use of netting with other suitable measures.

Drosophila is a genus of radioresistant holometabola insects. They are also known as “fruit flies“.



Beetles represent 40% of existing insects.

The majority is not harmful but there are some kinds from which you must be protected.


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Onion beetleCrioceris merdigera6mm
Lily beetleCrioceris lilii7mm
Onion weevilBrachycerus undatus10mm
Garlic weevilBrachycerys algirus8mm



Living everywhere on earth, Diptera can provide important ecological services.

However, they can be responsible of important loss in crops.


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Onion flyDelia (Phorbia) antiqua10mm
Carrot flyPsila rosae7mm
Carrot miner flyNapomyza carotae2mm
Cabbage flyDelia radicum6mm
Seedcorn maggotDelia platura3mm
Spotted wing drosophiliaDrosophila Suzukii3mm



In its adult form, lepidoptera is commonly known as “butterfly”.

There are approximatly 5,000 species of butterfly, in which 650 are considered harmful for crops. Thanks to the DROSOTIS 8/6, you can be protected.


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Garden dartEuxia nigricans20mm
Black cutwormAgrotis ipsilon15mm
Turnip mothAgrotis segetum25mm
Leek mothAcrolepiopsos assectella12mm
Cabbage butterflyPieris brassicae25mm
Cabbage mothMamestra brassicae20mm
Diamondback mothPlutella xylostella6mm
Codling mothCydia Pomonella18mm



In addition to the direct damage caused by these insects, hemipterans increase the development of fungi and diseases.


Common nameLatin nameAdult size
Aster leafhopperMacrosteles fascifrons3mm
Tarnished plant bugLygus lineolaris6mm

Which insects are not stopped by the insect netting DROSOTIS 8/6 ?

On the other hand, you must note that some insects are not stopped by this net. These insects are :

  • Flea beetle (phyllotreta)
  • Shallot aphid
  • Cabbage aphid
  • Carrot psyllid
  • Tobacco thrips
  • Whitefly

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