Alphatex in 2023 – Our best wishes and our vision

First of all, Alphatex whishes you all a happy new year 2023. To our commercial partners, our suppliers, and our workforce : we wish you a new year full of stability, durability and serenity.

2023 – The year of renewal ?

The year 2022 came with its bag of bad news : conflict in Ukraine, increasing energy prices, strikes, overall price inflation… These numerous events, which have puncutated the last 365 days, have undoubtedly not allowed your activities to develop serenely.

But, don’t worry, for this new year, Alphatex will look after your competitiveness. Indeed, our ambition is to make you offers that go against the inflationary trends of the market. Stay tuned, good news could come in the next months…

Alphatex’s values

For more than 25 years, we have been sharing values that are part of our DNA, both between our teams and with you, our clients and partners. This is our story :


Our reactivity, it is our ability to answer quickly to all requests. Because a fast and personalised support ensure the satisfaction of everybody.

Team spirit

Our team spirit is the pillar of our durability. Union, communication and mutual assistance allow us to evolve in the right direction.


To work together, trust is essential. Sincerity and transparency are values that we encourage since the beggining of our activities.


From production to management, via the sales, marketing and purchasing teams: everyone has the same commitment and the same desire to fulfil their missions with rigour.


Finally, we have developed a deep technical expertise over the last 25 years. This technical knowledge allows us to advise you in the choice of your products, whether in agriculture, construction or any other sector.

For 2023, Alphatex is ready to provide you with the best products. Nets, tarpaulins, heat shrink wraps : we are the provider you need.