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Use our products to communicate or to decorate your construction sites. Our range of digital printing offers printing on net, tarpaulin or kakemonos.

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Printex, the digital printing support for scaffolding net by Alphatex

[NEW] Printex, the new digital printing support for scaffolding


Alphatex is pleased to announce the release of its new digital printing scaffolding net : The PRINTEX. It is a PEHD net which allows us to make digital printings of great quality. Digital printing on …

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Special offer for the construction pouch


10 FREE POUCHES FOR EVERY 100 POUCHES PURCHASED From February 1st to March 31th 2021, Alphatex offers you 10 pouches for every 100 pouches ordered. Pouch N°1 or N°3 Format 36.5cm x 45cm – Front …

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