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Heat shrink wraps

With Alphatex’s heat shrink wrap, CREATE your “waterproof, airproof, dustproof” environment.
It can be used for asbestos removal, nuclear industry, scaffolding, shipyards, temporary roofing, environmental protection, transport packaging, storage and winter storage.

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Thermo bâchage pour le stockage et le transport d'objets larges

The BEST heat-shrink film for transporting possessions


Transporting possessions is a crucial step, packaging products is essential to keep them in perfect condition and ensure customer satisfaction. However, some bulky items cannot be transported in standard trailers. Transporting these possessions without damaging …

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Confinement d'un bâtiment pour le désamiantage avec du film thermo-rétractable



The LEC company carried out a large-scale containment operation thanks to the heat-shrink film manufactured by Alphatex. A building in Lyon Part-Dieu had to be completely contained for an asbestos removal operation. For this realisation, …

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Les avantages du film thermo-rétractable d'Alphatex

Heat-shrink film – The advantages of Alphatex

Choosing Alphatex’ heat-shrink film means choosing the best heat-shrink film on the market. For over 15 years, our experts have …

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Vidéo de démonstration de pose de film thermo-rétractable sur échafaudages

[VIDEO] Demonstration of heat-shrink film on scaffolding

In this video, you will discover how heat-shrink film is applied on scaffolding. Heat-shrink film is a perfect solution for …

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Heat gun for heat shrink wrap

Heat guns with extensions – Hornet and Wizz torches – Rapid, powerful and precise

The Hornet & Wizz heat guns and their extensions are the must-have tools for heat shrink wrap works. These are …

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Essential accessories – Heat shrink wrap

For a good installation of heat shrink wraps, Alphatex offers in its catalogue essential accessories. It makes it possible to …

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Heat shrink wrap for transport and delivery

Secure the transport of large products with SHRINK WRAPS

The transport of large and fragile items is a risky step for the quality of a product. It can quickly …

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