Essential accessories – Heat shrink wrap

For a good installation of heat shrink wraps, Alphatex offers in its catalogue essential accessories. It makes it possible to optimise a worksite: for the installation of the shrink wrap, for the contraction, to improve the light, the ventilation and the security. Find here all the must-have products.

Rosette and collar protection shell

The rosette and collar protection shell are plastic shell which can be clipped directly on scaffolding tubes. Very easy to install, it protects the film from the rosette. Therefore, this avoids the risk of abrasion and tears.

It protects the shrink wrap from the protruding parts of the scaffolding.

Omega clips

Thanks to the Omega clips, you can attach the film securely to the scaffolding. With a width of 45 mm and a diameter of 30 mm, its size is perfect to be clipped on scaffolding tubes.

Therefore, the heat shrink wrap will be strongly installed and won’t move while shrinking the wrap.

Double sided adhesive

The double sided adhesive is ideal for the connection and fixing of the mud flaps with heat shrink wrap.

It is a double sided adhesive of 1 mm thickness. This adhesive meets the PMUC standard (products and materials used in nuclear power plant).

Shrink wrap torch and its extension

Alphatex offers several models of pistols and torch to heat the shrink wrap. One of them is the Hornet torch made of titanium fibreglass and aluminum. This pistol is ideal for shrink wrap with a thickness of 200 to 300µ. Fast, powerful and precise, it is sold with the carrying case, the hose, the regulator and a pair of gloves.

The extension lance for Hornet torch is an extension that will help you heat a larger area of shrink wrap faster and more efficiently.


The Alphabulle is a porthole window. It can be installed on heat shrink wrap thanks to our adhesives. It creates an opening that allow operators to watch in and out the construction site.

Useful for asbestos removal works.

PVC U-Door

Thanks to the PVC U-Door, you can create an opening to go inside and outside the worksite easily. With this accessory, the comings and goings do not affect the airtightness of the shrink wrap.

It is a white door made in PEHD and manufactured with a zip. Moreover, this door has a fire retardant treatment meeting the M1 French standard.

Transparent U-window

The transparent U-window offers two benefits on the worksite :

  • It creates an opening to facilitate the ventilation. Thanks to the zip, this window can be opened easily.
  • This provides a natural light source to illuminate the interior of the confined area.

Alphatex has specialised in the heat shrink wrap manufacture for more than 15 years. As one of the world leaders, we have developed an incomparable expertise and high quality shrink wrap. By contacting us, you will get personalised support and detailed advice on shrink wraps and accessories that best meet your needs. You can reach us by :

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