[VIDEO] Demonstration of heat-shrink film on scaffolding

In this video, you will discover how heat-shrink film is applied on scaffolding. Heat-shrink film is a perfect solution for confining a construction site. So you can create a space that is “out of water, out of air and out of dust”. In addition to scaffolding, this product is usable in a wide range of applications : for asbestos removal works, in the nuclear industry, on shipyards, to create temporary roofs, to protect the environment or even to wrap boats.

Video demonstration of heat-shrink film installation

Installing heat-shrink film on scaffolding

Video transcription

Installing heat-shrink film

I have to install it. I’m going to imagine that I am inside my scaffolding. So, I am going to pass through here. I am looking at my line, it is straight. You see, there are lines on the heat-shrink film. You have to use these lines to see if we are pretty much good.

Do you want clips?

That is what the clips are for [to position the film on the scaffolding].

My film is held here, and here it won’t move anymore.

When I have 20 or 30 centimeters extra [on the flap], I’m fine. If I’m about right and I’ve got 10 centimeters extra, I will really position it before doing anything.

When you are doing big building sites, which are going to last a very long time, double sided adhesive tape is mandatory.

Even at the top?

Even at the top, because your heat-shrink film, even when you’re asleep, the wind is going to hit it.

Here, I have got too much film to do welding.

Welding the heat-shrink film

For now, the welds alone will hold it in place. The efforts on the film will be transferred to the welds, and will be transferred to the rosettes [to avoid abrasion of the film as a result of friction, we recommend the use of protective shells for the rosette and collar].

Shrinking the film

For tensioning, you really need to look. It’s a regular movement, and when the film is smooth, it is that it is quite warm. I always retract very close to the film, because that way I have very little inertia between the moment I see that it’s good and the heat that is going to keep coming. So the movement is extremely regular.

When it makes that sound, I like it.