[NEW] Printex, the new digital printing support for scaffolding

Alphatex is pleased to announce the release of its new digital printing scaffolding net : The PRINTEX. It is a PEHD net which allows us to make digital printings of great quality. Digital printing on nets is the perfect solution to communicate about your company, at a low price, while using a product which is mandatory on your worksite : nettings. You can print on it your logo or a fullprint optical illusion, in order to reproduce the building or the landscape behind. For its release, Alphatex proposes two special offers available from the 30th of August until the 15th of October.

For more information, you can contact us by :

  • Phone : +33 (0)2 35 56 33 56
  • Mail : alphatex@alphatex.eu

PRINTEX, the new digital printing support made by Alphatex


Special offers

For the release of this new product, Alphatex proposes two special offers to discover this net specially made for digital printing. These offers start the 30th of August and end the 15th of October.


< 300 m²
Logo : 2.99 € / sqm excl. tax
Fullprint : 3.80 € / sqm excl. tax


> 300 m²
Logo : 2.62 € / sqm excl. tax
Fullprint : 3.32 € / sqm excl. tax

Focus on the Printex quality

The PRINTEX net offers a very good printing quality, as you can see on the picture below. You have two possibilities : you can print only your logo or choose a fullprint to reproduce the building or the landscape which is hidden by your worksite.

The process of optical illusion on net allows historical monuments to retain their authenticity and urban work sites to become ephemeral work of art. The reproduction of existing facades is made by us.

The printing of logos in large format on scaffolding threads is an excellent mean of communication. All passers-by are thus aware of your presence. Printing of existing logos is made by us.

Gros plan sur le Printex d'Alphatex

Technical caracteristics

  • Material : PEHD
  • Weight : 104g / m²
  • Windbreak effect : 65 %
  • Light obstruction : 60 %
  • Color : White

Digital printing on your scaffolding net will truly benefit to your company. First, this will be cheaper than a regular communication campaign. Moreover, the use of nettings on scaffolding is most of the time mandatory. So, isn’t it a great idea to use the Printex to promote your company ?

Alphatex, your expert for digital printing on nets and tarpaulins