Black Friday 2022 : 50% off on shipping costs

The 2022 Black Friday is an opportunity that you should not miss. Alphatex has a great offer for you : for every orders made the 25th of November 2022, you will get 50% off on your shipping costs. Moreover, you can benefit from this special offer without minimum order. Take this opportunity to complete your equipment. Throughout the years, Alphatex has developed many nets, tarpaulins and heat shrink wraps in the building and agricultural sectors. Have a quick overview here.

Our product for building professionals

For more than 25 years, Alphatex provides building professionals with equipments for all kind of works. Reliable accessories, resistant, available and at the best price : here are our strengths.

Scaffolding nets

Scaffolding nets are some of Alphatex’s main products. Made in our factory and constantly updates, we produce high quality net to secure your worksites.

Discover few examples of our scaffolding nets :

OneRex – 35 g/m²

Economic net with rectangular mesh

Ignifurex – 90 g/m²

Fire treated net, to reduce fire risks


Supratex – 150 g/m²

Great quality net, with extensible triangular mesh


Our Pest Control products

Bird nets, bird spikes, tile shutters… We offer a wide range of Pest Control products. These are useful tools to protect worksites, historic monuments or houses from birds and pidgeons.

Below, discover some Pest Control tools made by Alphatex :

Alphapic 48/10

These bird spikes can be installed on gutters and flat surfaces.


Anti-pigeons net – 50 mm mesh

This bird net is the perfect solution to stop pidgeons from damaging your goods.


Roof space protect

This roof-space-protect stops animals from going under your roof.

Protège comble

Heat shrink wraps

Our heat shrink wraps allow you to work in a dust-proof, air-proof and water-proof area. It is a very useful product for scaffolding works, asbestos removal, nuclear plants restoration or to stock large-scaled industrial machine and boats during winter.

Alphaplast 220

The Alphaplast is a great quality shrink wrap for scaffolding works.

Europlast 280 – Euroclass

Fire treated, and meeting the Euroclass standard, this wrap lowers fire risks.

Film thermo-rétractable pour cocooning de bateaux

Securiplast 320 – M1 fire treated

The M1 standard is the French norm regarding fire treatment. This film lowers fire risks.

Film thermo-rétractable pour chantier de désamiantage

Our products for agriculture

We accompany agriculture professionals daily : horticulture, arboriculture, bird breeding… Discover some of our products below.


Harvest nettings, protection against climatic hazards, birds and pests : find a wide range of nets for arboriculture. For example, you can find in our catalogue :

Recoltex 33

This light net is a great product to harvest chestnuts, nuts or hazelnuts.


The Alt’Carpo net is a protection against codling moth.

Filet Alt'Carpo

Anti-hail net

The anti-hail net protects very effictively orchards from damages from hail.

Filet pare-grêle


Alphatex meets the needs of horticulture professionals with : mulch cloth, pest protection, nets against climatic hazards, shading nettings… With protected crop, your production will be great!

Some of our products :

Floortis 130

The Floortis range represents Alphatex’s mulch cloth. It prevents weeds from growing.

Alphavent 65

The Alphavent 65 is a windbreak net, which protect crops and sensitive area from the wind.

Climatex 30

The Climatex is a special shading netting for strawberries. It has a high light reflection.


You want to breed birds in your aviary or you want to keep animals away ? We have a wide variety of bird nets, in order to best meet your needs.

Aviary net – 15 mm mesh

This aviary net, with 15 mm mesh, has two advantages : you can breed your birds while protecting them from wild birds.

Arbotex 15

Sparrow net – 19 mm mesh

The sparrow net, with 19 mm mesh, is the ideal product to stop birds that are the size of a
sparrow or bigger.


Bird net with wide mesh

To prevent birds which are bigger than pidgeons, we recommend the use of with the size of our knotted cable net with 75 mm square mesh.

Don’t forget : the 25th of November 2022 only, you can get 50% off on your shipping costs without conditions. If you don’t want to miss our sales or our news, you can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.