Declaration of product use : Scapa Adhesives


The Scapa 133 is NOT suitable for applying on heat shrink wrap

Dear Customer,

Alphatex, the market leader in heat shrink wraps and a major partner of Scapa Industrial, would like to inform you about the importance of using Scapa’s adhesives correctly.

In particular, it is crucial to note that Scapa 133 is NOT heat shrinkable and should NOT be used for heat shrink wrapping application. Here’s why:

  • Scapa 133 can be damaged by heating or heat-welding.
  • Therefore, its use in this context can potentially damage the protected structure, surrounding ovjects, and possibly endanger nearby individuals.

Scapa does not guarantee and assumes no responsibility for any issues arising from the improper use of Scapa 133. Furthermore, if improper use of this product is known, Scapa Industrial would halt product deliveries immediatly.

As a leading European supplier of heat shrink wraps, accessories and Scapa adhesives, it is Alphatex’s duty to alert you about the risks of using Scapa 133 for projects involving heat shrink wraps.

Which adhesive should be used with heat shrink wrap ?

For your packaging and protection projects involving heat shrink wrap, we recommand using Scapa 134.

Scapa 234 is another option, UV resistant and heat-shrinkable, though it is thinner and thus offers lower mechanical properties.

For any further information, we are available to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.