Easy Spikes 64/15 – Bird spikes special offer

From 12 April to 13 May, you can benefit from our special offer on the bird spikes Easy Spikes 64/15. This model of spikes has 64 spikes per metres and offers a 15 centimetres protection. These spikes are used to prevent pigeon and other birds from landing on houses, buildings or historical monuments. Thanks to its thin and flexible sole, it can be easily installed on gutters and flat surfaces. It is sold in box of 50 linear metres. If you want to know the price :

Bird spikes “Easy Spikes 64/15” on sales

The bird spikes “Easy Spikes 64/15” offers a protection from 10 to 15 cm. It is the perfect solution to protect areas such as gutters or cornices from birds.

These spikes are sold in boxes, which contains 50 linear meters of spikes. Its thinner and very flexible sole makes it easy to install on many surfaces.

Bird spikes are used to prevent many birds from landing and damaging private and public properties. Also, you need to know that this product does not hurt any birds.

Pics anti-oiseaux Easy Spikes 64/15 d'Alphatex

Alphatex’s bird spikes are made of metal spikes protruding from a base. Easy to install and relatively cheap, the spikes must be installed over the whole area to prevent birds from finding gaps.

To get Alphatex’s advice about bird spikes and how to install it, you can contact us. Alphatex has been specialised in pest control for more than 25 years. Our experts are able to offer you a personalised support