Fire retardant tarpaulins for professionals

A fire retardant tarpaulin, which is therefore not flammable, is an essential element and can be legaly mandatory for works made in establishments receiving the public. For other kind of works, fire retardant tarps can be the perfect option to ensure building’s and worker’s security. That is why Alphatex has developed a deep expertise to supply its customers with fire retardant tarpaulins of great quality.

Fire retardant tarpaulins for professionals

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Fire retardant tarpaulins for professional works

Fire retardant Armatex 200 g/m² – Certified B1

The Armatex tarpaulin is a PEHD reinforced tarpaulin with translucent PE coating (however, the fireproofing treatment clouds the tarp). The B1 Reaction to Fire standard is only legit in Germany. For more informations about Reaction to Fire classifications, you can have a look here.

This tarp is perfect for working sites with large amounts of projections, for the protection of the building sites giving off important projections. All our tarpaulins are equipped with 5 reinforcement strips of 250 g/m² : a reinforcing strip with pre-holes on one side, double reinforced tape with pre-holes on the other side and 2 internal reinforcement strips.

The B standard is similar to the european standard EN 13501-1, it is made by a German institution. The B1 standards means that the tarpaulin resists prolonged attack by flames or an isolated object while limiting the spread of the flame.

Fire retardant flat tarpaulin – 450 g/m² – Certified M1

Flat tarpaulins are high tenacity Polyester (PET) with multilayer PVC coating by Lowick system.

The tarpaulins with a weight of 450 g/m² are fire retardant and classified “M1” according to the French standards. “M1” means that the tarp is a non-flammable combustible materials.

These flat tarps can be made according to your needs : cut-outs, sleeves, ropes, reinforcement strips, eyelets, self gripping tape and for scaffolding, there is the possibility to install using rail’s slides.

Keder tarpaulin PARATEX – 650 g/m² – Certified M2

The Keder tarpaulins is a high tenacity polyester (PET) tarpaulin (1100 dTEX), multilayer PVC coated by Lowick system which is use to create a temporary roof above a working site. It is adapted to all types of keder systems.

In the French standards, a tarpaulin classified M2 is a flammable materials with low flammability.

The keder tarp PARATEX is made with intermediate reinforcements, tensioning straps and pull rings. The tarpaulin is suitable for work that last over 12 months.

Since 1996, Alphatex is specialized to provide its customers with high quality fire retardant tarps for professionals. Our purpose is to best meet your needs, that is why we offer a wide range of nets, tarps and heat shrink wraps. Our tarps fit the French and European fire ratings standards. The security of buildings and workers is not to be taken lightly. Choosing a fire retardant tarpaulin will be the best idea for your company.

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