Glass fabrics fire retardant M0 – Sent within 24h

Alphatex has in its stocks many references of glass fabrics of 455 g/m², ready to be sent. Glass fabrics are available in rolls or with a length made-to-measure. High temperature insulating textiles limit heat transfer and therefore reduce the amount of energy required to raise temperatures and protect adjacent materials from heat damage. In other words, fire treated glass fabrices are noncombustible and, thanks to its chemical resistance, it can be used in specific industrial uses and specific works. Alphatex send this product within 24 hours after the order.

Fire retardant M0 glass fabrics 455 g/m²

Why you should use M0 glass fabrics

This glass fabric are made from a fiberglass that withstands temperatures up to 200°C. Likewise, it is incombustible. Indeed, this fabric meets the French fire retardant standard M0 (which means that it is noncombustible). It is ideal for specific industrial applications.


  • Incombustible
  • Insulating
  • Resist to very high temperatures
  • Natural material
  • Ecologically pure and harmless to human health


  • Foundry
  • Glass industry
  • Heat protection
  • Steel industry
  • Thermal insulation and heat insulation
Tissu de verre M0

Available sizes

Rolls of
1 m x 50 m

Rolls of
2 m x 50 m

1 m x Length made-to-measure

2 m x Length made-to-measure

Why should you choose Alphatex’s glass fabric ?

Technical characteristics

  • Material : 100% fibre de verre
  • Treatment : Coating two faces polyurethane
  • Weight : 455 g/m²
  • Thickness : 0,4 mm
  • Maximum temperature : 200°C

Alphatex advantages

By choosing Alphatex as your fireproof glass fabrics supplier, you chose a responsive and expert partner. You need to know that we can send glass fabrics of 455 g/m² within 24 hours after the order.

Also, Alphatex has been specialised for more than 25 years in the manufacturing of products designed for the building and the industry sectors. Therefore, you will find in our catalogue scaffolding nets, tarpaulins, safety nets and fireproof glass fabrics. To benefit from our stocks of glass fabrics :