Grape Protect: new hail netting for vineyards

The Grape Protect is an innovative protection and support netting system designed specifically for vineyards. Netting provides multiple benefits to growers of both table grapes and grapes intended for wine production. It protects fruits against adverse weather conditions, allows reducing work-load and obtaining better quality produce. For more information, contact us :

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Description of the Grape Protect

The Grape Protect is a net protecting against adverse climate conditions, intended solely for use with vines. Product made in 100% from polyethylene. The wide reinforcing band makes the net more durable. The band also ensures that the netting is correctly attached to the vine and provides greater resistance to tears and winds.

The netting is of excellent quality:

  • Its unit weight of 80 g/m² is higher than in any other currently available netting system.
  • It is fitted with 3.8 cm wide reinforcement bands.
  • Its life expectancy is approximately 10 years. This means a relatively low cost of investment, as it is spread over the entire period of use of the net.

Grape Protect netting is available in different sizes: 0.5 m; 0.6 m; 0.8 m; 1 m or 1.2 m wide and 750 m long.

The netting is also available in different colours (green, crystal, grey). The colours come in different shades, which can be adjusted to the time of harvest.

Also, Grape Protect netting is recyclable: it is made entirely from polyethylene, and so it does not require waste sorting.

How to use the Grape Protect ?

The Grape Protect protective netting is very easy to use and fold, mainly thanks to its innovative hooking and stretching technology. You will only need three wires, in contrast to a plot without netting, which requires 5 to 6 wires.

To learn more about the set-up of Grape Protect – installation time, stages and accessories – please contact us:

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Advantages of the Grape Protect netting

Advantages of the Grape Protect

Protection against adverse weather conditions

The main advantage of the netting is that it provides a very effective anti-hail barrier, protecting grapes from negative weather conditions.

With Grape Protect netting, drops of rain will not come in direct contact with the grapes.

The netting also acts as a windscreen and sunscreen, it significantly improves the quality of fruits.

Economic benefits

The purchase of Grape Protect netting is an excellent long-term investment. Its long life (around 10 years) ensures a reliable return on the investment. Also, for a full decade, the winemakers can rest assured that their harvests will be of top quality.

On top of that, Grape Protect is easy to install and more economical than other competitive solutions available on the market.

To sum up, Grape Protect netting benefits the quality of both vines and grapes. It also reduces the costs of work by limiting the necessity to remove leaves and prune the vines. And thus, with the low costs of the investment per hectare, it is a guarantee of plentiful harvest, high quality of grapes and the peace of mind of the producers.