Combo Pack – Hornet & Wizz burners

A Hornet burner

A Wizz burner

A Hornet handler

A spare Piezo ignition and trigger

A fast connection



The Combo Pack is a ready-to-use kit for operators. In this case, you will find every must-have tools to shrink wraps efficiently. It is perfect for many applications such as scaffolding works, asbestos removal, winter storage, logistics, etc. Every tools are stored in one plastic case, which is very useful to carry around burners and accessories.


In this kit, you will find a Hornet handler, a 90 kW Hornet burner, with a 100 kW Wizz burner. It also includes a 10-metre hose, a fixed 4-bar regulator, a fast connection and a spare Piezo ignition and trigger.

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