The BEST heat shrink wraps to winterize a boat

You are looking for the perfect solution to protect your boat from the bad weather and dirt during winter ? Heat shrink wrap is the most reliable product to winterize a boat. Alphatex offers a high quality shrink wraps which is goint to resist to rain, hail or snow. Moreover, your boat will be totally confined and dust won’t be able to get inside. Here, we give you advice to choose the film that best meet your needs

Heat shrink wraps is the perfect solution to protect boats during winter. Therefore, it will remain in perfect condition.

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Why should you choose Alphatex’s heat shrink wraps to winterize boats ?

Which heat shrink wraps should you use ?

Heat shrink wraps with 180 and 220µ thicknesses are recommanded for boats winterizing. These films offer a perfect sealing against every potential damages (water, dirt and UV rays). Once you unwrap the boat, you will gladly see that it is still in a perfect condition. Tarpaulins would never be as effective as heat shrink wrap to protect a boat during storage and transport.

Thanks to the wide range of width offered by Alphatex, every boats can fit in our heat shrink wraps. Alphatex is one of the only supplier to offer large width.

Alphatex is specialized in providing heat shrink wraps for more than 15 years and has become a leader on French and European markets. Our expertize and the high quality of our products are the reasons why we became one of the main company in the shrink wraps industry. You can always contact us, we’ll gladly share our knowledge with you.

Why is heat shrink wrap the best solution to winterize a boat ?

To store a boat between october and april, and keep it clean, heat shrink wraps is the most efficient solution that you can find. It prevents any degradation thanks to its perfect sealing. You won’t find any water or dust inside the boat. Moreover, the shrink wrap will protect it from UV rays and its colors will still shine after winter.

Heat shrink wraps offered by Alphatex allow you to :

  • Protect boats from bad weather
  • Protect it against UV rays
  • Prevent dust from going inside
  • Maintain the quality of the colors
  • And is puncture resistant

What is the boat’s winterizing ?

Winterizing a boat is the period when you take the boat out of the water and store it during winter. It will remain out of the water until spring. If you let your boat in the water during winter, there is a risk that your boat will be damaged : stagnant water inside it will eventually weigh it down and damage it.

However, once the boat is out, you should also think about protection, otherwise its condition will deteriorate over time.

That is why Alphatex offers a high quality heat shrink wrap.

For boats wintzerizing, heat shrink wrap reveals its great efficiency and prevent thiefts, damaged due to the bad weather and dust. If you don’t want to miss Alphatex’s news and special offers, you can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

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