New SCAPA M1 fire-retardant adhesive – Available and in stock

SCAPA M1 white adhesive is an excellent quality product. Firstly, its very strong glue means that this adhesive stays perfectly in place once applied. Moreover, it is treated with an anti-fire additive, so it complies with the M1 standard, certifying that this product is non-flammable and doesn’t emit smoke in case of fire. Furthermore, it can be used for a wide range of applications. If you are interested in this premium quality adhesive :

SCAPA M1 adhesive – Fire retardant M1

White SCAPA M1 adhesive is ESSENTIAL for all your Thermo building sites.

First of all, this product has excellent characteristics, both in terms of waterproofing and adhesion. Its wide range of applications are proof of its guaranteed quality. In fact, professionals in the following sectors have total confidence in this adhesive :

  • Aeronautics
  • Military
  • Construction (recess, holding electrical beams, waterproofing of partitions, joints and temporary repairs)

Then, this adhesive can be used in complete safety because it is fire retardant and M1 certified. The self-adhesive polyethylene tape with rubber adhesive has been fireproofing throughout to guarantee total protection against the risk of fire. This point is essential for using adhesive on heat-shrink film.

Among all these benefits, Scapa M1 white adhesive is also comfortable and easy to cut thanks to its polyethylene-coated fabric and reduced thickness of 0.22mm. Moreover, you won’t be disappointed thanks to its powerful 1.9cm tack. Furthermore, the adhesive is now available in 50cm lengths and 50mm widths. To order, the adhesive is available in 50 meters lengths and several widths: 38mm and 75mm. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to purchase an adhesive with custom widths.

Notice that this product is supplied in cartons of 24 rolls.

After a market research, we chose Scapa as our main supplier of adhesives. Firstly, because of its experience and his highly developed knowledge in this sector. Secondly, for the excellent quality of its products. Following tests carried out in our quality laboratory, we can guarantee that we supply you with the best adhesives.

Here is a quick summary :

  • Fireproofing M1, this adhesive can be used safely for Thermo applications
  • Thanks to its highly effective glue, it has been adopted by many professionals
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to cut and apply by hand
  • Powerful 1.9cm ball tack
  • Several widths available (38mm and 75mm to order, 50mm available immediately)
  • Sold in cartons of 24 rolls
  • Scapa is the leading company of manufacturing adhesives