Adhesive Heat-shrink M1

FR certified fireproof adhesive



Single Layer polyethylene Tape – flame-retardant – General masking applications where fire safety and identification is a concern. Hanging of polyethylene tarpaulins and heavy-duty tarpaulins.

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50mm x 50m



Fire retardant treatment


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Adhésif SCAPA M1, ignifugé et traité anti-feu

New SCAPA M1 fire-retardant adhesive – Available and in stock


SCAPA M1 white adhesive is an excellent quality product. Firstly, its very strong glue means that this adhesive stays perfectly in place once applied. Moreover, it is treated with an anti-fire additive, so it complies …

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Vidéo de démonstration de pose de film thermo-rétractable sur échafaudages

[VIDEO] Demonstration of heat-shrink film on scaffolding


In this video, you will discover how heat-shrink film is applied on scaffolding. Heat-shrink film is a perfect solution for confining a construction site. So you can create a space that is “out of water, …

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