BIOTEX 800 STOP flea


Material: PEHD
Weight: 50g / m²
Construction: Knitted Mono filament
Ultra-violet resistance: 320 Kly (3 to 4 seasons)
Shading: 11%
Windbreak effect: 44%
Permeability to water (sprinkling): flat 95% – on hoops 85%



Anti-insect field netstop flies insect net, it stops lepidoptera (moths, moths, moths), diptera (crop flies), hydraptera (locusts, grasshoppers) a large part of beetles including the stem flea beetles, pollen beetles,cabbage weevils, part of the hemiptera bugs including leafhoppers and bedbugs. The lateral tension of the net caused by the growth of the plants slows the progression of some insects, among others the atlises phyllotranda and the whiteflies. Our net is rolled immediately after the sowing or direct transplanting in contact with the culture, on Nantais hoops or repeated sufficiently posts, Make sure that the net is sufficiently weighed down or buried on the edge so that the insects do not intrude.

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11m x 125m, 12m x 125m, 16m x 100m, 2.10m x 300m, 2.4m x 125m, 4m x 100m, 6m x 125m, 8m x 125m


Field crops